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Tactile Bracelets
Clay and Wood, 12/2020-now

“Tactile Animation Bracelets” is a bracelet that creates an animation effect through touch. When the “audience” presses the beads one by one, they can experience change of the shape on the beads.

Paper Clay Tactile BraceletsWorkshop,
Jianze Zhao and I developed a paper clay version. and organized two online and one offline paper clay workshops, including group building for companies.

Tactile Animation Bracelets Online Workshop,
3/2022, Host: Jianze Zhao, Leilei Xia
We initiated an online workshop every two people partner together to maker their bracelets based on their feelings to each other. We mailed the participants materials package and instructions on the making. Each partners would make a special bead, and they try to transform one into another, as if they are trying to get close to and understand each other.