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Tactile Jam Workshop
workshops, 1/2021-Present, 
In “Touch Jam” workshops, participants share their life experiences and transform that experience into improvised tactile theatre within a day. We have done more than 6 Touch Jams in various places.

Review of all the Tactile Jam Workshop I have hosted (Lick on the name to go to specific page)

“Tactile Riddle” Workshop, Goehe Instutite China,Beijing, 7/2022,
“Mushrooms” Tactile Workshop, Kunming, Book2Hand Bookstore, Kunming, 8/2022
“Love Live” Female with Disabilities Tactile Jam Workshop, SoengJoengToi, 12/2021,
“Touch and Imagine” Online Tactile Workshop, Online, 10/2021-1/2022,
Tactile conversation”, Chengdu A4 International Artist Residency Program Workshop, 30/9/2021
“Friendship” Workshop, Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, “Repetition, Deep Listening” Pan South East Asia Triennial, public art program workshop, 17/4/2021,
“Period” Tactile Jam, SoengJoengToi, 25/2/2021,